Beloved shippers of Akusai, the prompts have been finalized!! Now, I invite you all to participate in AKUSAI MONTH!

AKUSAI MONTH is a month-long celebration for Akusai, which will take place from JULY 8 to AUGUST 7, 2014. You can use whatever medium you want, whether it’s fanfics, fanart, graphics, gifsets, fanmixes, fanvids, whatever! Just make sure you put the PROMPT you’re fulfilling in your post, and tag your post #akusaimonth.

PROMPTS: (Eye-friendly version here.)

- FREE DAY: You’re free to do whatever you want outside the prompts for that day. :)
- XX / YY: Choose ONE.
- * recommended for writers/artists
- ** recommended for graphics makers

Slow Burn — EASY

  1. [07/08 T] Your OTP Quote
  2. [07/12 Sat] Seven scenes (in-game or au)
  3. [07/19 Sat] Diary entry (from Days or just a typical diary entry format)
  4. [07/23 W] Pick at least 4 out of 8 emotions:
    excitement, relief, loyalty, compassion. anger, cruelty, disappointment, shame
    (NOTE: participants are free to merge all emotions into one drawing/fic/gifset, etc)
  5. [07/26 Sat] Red and blue
  6. [08/02 Sat] Parallels
  7. [08/07 Th] FREE DAY


  1. Your OTP Quote
  2. Expressions
  3. Black & White / manga
  4. Sparkle
  5. Flames / Berserk
  6. Sun & Moon
  7. Fluffy * / First **
  8. Banter * / Pleasant Memories **
  9. Flustered * / Pastel **
  10. Repentance
  11. Textures
  12. Promise
  13. Broken
  14. Lies
  15. Tears
  16. Jealousy
  17. Prison
  18. Misunderstanding
  19. Choose at least 2 out of 8 quotes (see below)
  20. Teamwork
  21. Music & Lyrics
  22. Hair
  23. Flower / Plant
  24. Snapshot
  25. Mask
  26. Sunset Horizons Lazy Afternoons (KH soundtrack)
  27. Change
  28. Bright
  29. Frustration
  30. Names
  31. FREE DAY

8 quotes for Day 19 on BERSERK:

  • Broken promises and lies build up so fast and soon a wall is built between two people.
  • I used to trust you, but now all I see when I look at you is just a backstab waiting to happen.
  • All that time ago you said you’d be back. You never came.
  • Can you stop being hot please? I’m busy trying to hate you.
  • The walls are closing in, and I’m stuck inside.
  • Hold on. I’m coming for you, no matter what it takes.
  • I can’t escape from a dark reality that has built up to this point.
  • I’d even join the bad guys. Just for you.

You are ALLOWED to switch difficulties/sets mid-way.
You are ENCOURAGED to complete all prompts of the difficulty/set you chose. It is NOT REQUIRED to complete them.

If you have any more questions or clarifications, or if you think you need more inspiration with a certain prompt, please don’t be afraid to send an ask! Don’t forget to track #akusaimonth for updates and please reblog this post to spread the word! =)

Let’s all have fun weeping over our favorite pair of life ruiners together this July-August! 

EDIT (06/23/2014 @ 6:16PM GMT+8:00): Added compassion to Slow Burn Day 4, since it was missing one emotion. Thanks to tamagopants for pointing it out! =)

EDIT (06/29/2014 @ 12:27AM GMT+8:00): Changed Sunset Horizons (KH soundtrack) to Lazy Afternoons (KH soundtrack) on Berserk Day 26, since that the original plan. Sorry for the mistake!!

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