This is the last post in my queue lol
My blog will be empty (prolly for a few days) until I either 1) post new stuff or 2) finally get to queueing the 300+ posts in my Drafts :))))

OH. And uhm, I went to see the One Piece premiere show. I’ll prolly post a summary and highlights kind of thing. Ehe. Yeah.


there are days when i know
that i love you,
the same way i know my favorite colour:
instinctually, excitedly, intrinsically.
clusters of exclamation points
stitched tight around your existence.

there are days, too,
when i know that i love you
the same way i know the big bang happened:
distant, cold, and just short of certain.
the lingering warmth of it falling
just beyond my academic understanding.


110/365 Cups And Keyboards by M. Klasan on Flickr.


he gets ooc the more i draw him xD;;


day 5 
zero suit Samus VS Sheik


just my sweet Killua 


by kajico on flickr


untitled (by SingC)